Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We used Animoto the other day. It was a pretty cool picture presentation tool. Very fun and easy to use and make. I will DEFINITELY be using this tool again in the future. Leaves a lot of room for creativity. I really liked how you were able to put music in the background. VERY COOL TOOL!!!

I posted my animoto here on my blog. It's about one of my most loved! :)


  1. Very cool blog! I joined a PLN for Australian teachers so I think it is fantastic that there is a PLN for students. Looks like I am your first Aussie visitor. My teenage kids enjoyed reading your blog too. Keep up the great work!
    Verona Gridley

  2. Animoto does seem like a great tool. Great blog! I definitely want to give Animoto a try and make my own presentation. I do like how you can put music in it. Great post and good luck on your PLN journey.

    -Akash Patel

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