Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Juxio was a pretty fun tool to put together both pics and words into an easy to use slideshow. I really liked its setup to creatively organize the events and pics into whichever way you want. It was very easy to use and the tool tray was pretty simple. Some things I didn't enjoy were that there was no music you could put as a background. It would make the presentation much more enjoyable for viewers if this were an option. I would also like it if I could control the speed of the slideshow, rather than just the one slow pace it has now. With a few more advancements, this could be a very popular and favorable tool of mine. I would definitely consider using this web tool again. This is just a small Juxio I threw together for my PLN class discussing a few of my passions.
Our PLN class also got the opportunity to skype in with Will Younker, one of the creators of Juxio. It was a very cool chance to talk with him and let him know our ideas and experience with Juxio. I think we gave him some pretty good insight on what we thought about his site. Not often does a group of high schoolers get the opportunity to talk to the creator of a web site and tell him our opinions and advice. Pretty awesome. 

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  1. I have heard that juxio is a great tool to use. I went onto the website to try to make a slideshow but i could not figure it out. It seems difficult to set up.